Sunday, 15 April 2012

Saturday Stroll: Maltby Street Market

Starbucks, Costa, Monmouth - SNOOZE, there's a new coffee joint in town! Some friends of CK's (that's charlotte keohane, not calvin Klein - i'm not that well connected) opened up a little coffee stand at Maltby street market near Tower Bridge. Despite the obligatory caffeine shakes (that's my kinda high) my flat white was the best i've tasted in a long time, and more enjoyably it was next to a cake stand AND a stall where they were shaving meat off (dead) animals legs. No wonder Jamie looks so happy - he's got the best pitch in town! He's there every Saturday folks! Afterwards, i had a photo taken next to a soldier statue thing, mega lolz, and then we went to watch our horses lose in the grand national. I had to have a strong gin and tonic, and not just to drown out the drunks in wetherspoons, (my friends are so annoying) but also because i lost £8 thanks to some lame excuses for race horses who quite literally fell at the first hurdle. Such a roller coaster of emotions in one afternoon.

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